Senior Player Membership

  • $400 Full season fees which includes:

    • $100 Non-refundable club registration fee which is inclusive of your full fees.
      This needs to be paid before the first game of the season.
    • Season training and games .
    • Club equipment and coaching.
    • Full home and away uniform.

Casual Player Membership  

  • $50 per game Casual fee. The first game is free with registration.

  • A $100 non-refundable club registration must be paid before the commencement of a player’s first game.

  • Full home and away uniform, fee of $40.

  • Invoiced twice per season, capped at cost of $500 excluding registration and uniform fee.

Training Only Membership

  •  $5 per session ‘Pay as You Go ‘

    • For players that can’t commit to full-season games, we offer the easy option of ‘Pay as You Go’ for training sessions. 

    • This can be transferred to the club bank account on the night, or via square.

Family Membership

  •  First full-time player – $400

  •  Second full-time player – $370
  •  Third full-time player – $340