Oilers Floorball Club

Behind The Shirt…

Founded with a rebellious spirit and humble purpose: that anyone can enjoy Floorball regardless of age and cultural background. With a progressive mentality, the Oilers aspire to apply our array of individual skills to overcome any ordeal as a team.

In 2018 four players had a dream, to bring Floorball to all their mates. In 2019 this dream became a reality and the Men’s Division 2 team was formed. Now currently with 2 teams representing the club in Division 2 and 3 a part of WA’s Summer league series. We continue to grow and expand as one big family.


The Drip’s Latest

Identity Crisis

After months of hair-tearing and teeth pulling we managed to construct a logo, that we are extremely happy with. Thanks to Kylie Armishaw for spending countless hours working on this and making our idea come to life. Please check out her Graphic Design page at www.kyliearmishaw.com and give her some love!

International Dealings

The first time the Oilers took the court once the club was created. We had a friendly scratch match in August 2019 against the guys in black and red, NYP from Singapore. We all had an awesome time and it was good to meet an old friend and make new ones.

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